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Welcome to our Products page, where you'll discover how we're changing the game in online payments. Whether you're an eCommerce business, a government institution, an NGO, or an individual, our range of products is designed to meet your unique needs with simplicity and power.

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Payment API

Transform Your Payment Experience

Integrating payments into your platform is a breeze with our Payment API. Custom-built for flexibility, this API is your ultimate tool for any payment needs.

Who Can Benefit?

eCommerce Platforms: Integrate seamless payment experiences directly into your online store.

Government Bodies: Handle utilities, taxes, and more with a secure, reliable payment system.

App Developers: Enrich your app's features with versatile payment options.

Transfer API

Effortless Money Movement

Get ready to redefine the way you handle fund transfers. Our Transfer API offers a simplified yet robust solution for diverse payment needs.

Perfect For:

Humanitarian Organizations: Make aid distribution more effective and prompt.

Gaming and Betting Platforms: Automate winnings payouts, making it speedy and reliable.

Corporate Operations: Manage payroll or pay vendors with zero hassle.


Payments Made Simple

No time for complex API integrations? Meet PayLink. Create a unique payment link, share it, and watch the transactions roll in; no coding needed.

Ideal For:

Small-scale Portals: Eliminate the need for API integration with a straightforward payment link.

Fundraisers: Start collecting donations in no time by sharing a single link.

Event Planners: Make ticket sales a walk in the park with a straightforward payment process.